Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Fun When Grandma Comes

Grandma came to visit!

We went to Crescent Bay beach.

First picture ever taken by her on an iPhone.

The second picture, after cropping ;)

I snapped this as Maggie came running up. Apparently, she'd been tossed by a wave.

We also went to Disneyland!

More Sienna + Pluto BFF.

Hey look, all four of us on a ride together! That's MY kids' grandma staying with the baby, yep yep.

She claims this is her second time riding Dumbo (ever). It was Sienna's second time that morning.

Trip to Yogurtland. Not only was this not posed, they were doing it long enough for me to debate taking a picture, get out my phone, actually take the picture, and then some.

We went to Pump it Up. Sienna hated bouncing, but she liked climbing on the giant blocks.

And we went to the pool so Dalton could show off his made swimming skills.  Sienna got a new floatie and loves it.

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