Saturday, March 2, 2013

Sienna Conquers the Dark Side

This morning at Disneyland I sat down to feed Sienna and wait for the Jedi Training Academy. The show was cancelled, but I didn't move, which apparently put us in line to meet the peeps (instead of the show).  These characters don't usually pose for pictures (except for the storm troopers) so yay.  These are the Star Tours Angry Birds characters, by the way.

Maggie knows better than to take direction from a storm trooper.

And this guy. Seriously the best make-up job in the park. He's got nasty teeth and yellow eyes.

And. He matches my 3-month old daughter. Twinners! She is totally not impressed.

"Seriously? Who is this guy?" He spent several minutes poking her (she just kept grabbing his finger) and I think he was trying not to laugh by the end.

Maggie threw her arms up to pose while I took a picture of her with her favorite hidden Mickey. What?

Yes! My almost-not-5-anymore baby girl had her arms up on Space Mountain!


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