Sunday, October 7, 2012

Home Preschool: Halloween

Last week's home preschool theme was Halloween.  I made a felt jack-o-lantern puzzle just by cutting out some orange pumpkin shapes and some black facial features.  The pirate patch and the Mickey ears were Dalton's idea.

Apple with peanut butter and marshmallows is now Maggie's favorite after school snack.  She thought this Halloween snack was hilarious!

Both of the kids did this little mummy craft.  I cut a piece of black construction paper in half, and cut up some pieces of gauze leftover from when Maggie cracked her head open.  We used liquid glue to glue on googly eyes and pieces of gauze.  Maggie wanted to add a nose and I told her that mummies don't have noses.

We ordered some Halloween sticker scenes from Oriental Trading, so that was included in this week's home preschool. It looks like Maggie did all of this week's activities with us. Dalton played while she was in school, too.

I got the idea for these little ghost finger puppets from Serving Pink Lemonade.  I sewed them together and Maggie drew the faces.

I printed out a couple pages of this free Halloween pre-K printables pack.  It's pages 6-7 - he circled the different item, then I cut the paper into strips and he cut each Halloween item off the strips.

There are a few more Halloween ideas on my Home Preschool Pinterest board that we didn't get to. We also tried to make ghost window clings, but it didn't work with the hot glue, and apparently I have a billion glue sticks and no white school glue.

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