Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Home Preschool: Cars

This week's home preschool theme was Cars, to go along with Dalton's Racing Birthday Party.

He did this tire track painting his first week of art class, so I didn't have to do it at home!

Maggie helped me gather up every single car we own (34 - though I later found another one in my purse).  We hid them in a box, then I brought it out for Dalton while M was at school.  First, he sorted all the cars by color.

Then we made an inaccurate rainbow.

Then we lined them up by size, and he "raced" them all.  Getting all the cars together like this was a huge hit! He had a lot of fun sorting them, especially the colors.  I highly recommend this to anyone with a little kid who loves cars.

For this cars coloring activity, I taped some crayons to the back of cars and he had to drive them to color.  We had to drive the cars backwards to get them to work, so I recommend taping the crayons to the front of the cars. He thought this was pretty fun, though.  Idea from First Palette.

Another fun car activity that we didn't repeat this week is the homemade car garage we made in India.

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