Monday, June 16, 2014

Flower Girl Dress for Maggie (Simplicity 4647)

First let me say I am bummed to be making flower girl dresses for Rachel's wedding, instead of my mom doing it. This picture is of her sewing in a blind hem on my wedding dress. I sat in this same chair to sew the hem in Maggie's flower girl dress.

And also on the floor with Sienna watching Let it Go on repeat.

Pattern: Simplicity 4647 
size 7 
View A without the trims and with the bow from view B (not the ties)
Fabric: Crepe backed satin (Jo-Ann)

This was the most complicated pattern I've ever used. There were several times I read and reread the instructions, slept on it, read them again and eventually (for the most part) figured out what they were trying to say. Except for getting the sash over the zipper. So we added a bow in the back to cover that up.

The fabric and lining shredded like crazy. I cut everything out with pinking shears and that helped.  All the gathering did not. The inside was a mess, but the lining covers it nicely.

I didn't realize I had to hand stitch the hem, as well as hand stitch the bodice lining to the underskirt and to the zipper. It took a long time, but I think it looks nicer than the machine sewn zipper on the outside.

banded cap sleeve

If you look closely (you may choose not to) you can see I had trouble getting the layers of sash and dress to fold over the zipper properly. The sash wasn't long enough.

Layers at the bottom, with the hand stitched blind hem.

Some Work In Progress photos.


unattached pouf

Matching shoes!

The finished product. 

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