Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Hello Kitty Messenger Bag

I made something! No, really.  We were having a hard time finding a backpack we liked for Maggie, and John had the idea that a messenger bag would be easier for her to deal with.  So, I ended up making her one! She picked out the Hello Kitty fabric at Jo-Ann (it's actually flannel, which I somehow did NOT realize, but it worked fine).  I used black duckcloth for the bag exterior, with heavy stabilizer basted on.

I based the bag on this kid's messenger bag tutorial by Zaaberry, but I enlarged it so she can fit a folder inside - this is for Kindergarten, after all.  It looks huge on her, but the folder fits just right.

Here are the measurement changes I made:

Main bag pieces: 16x13 inches
Flap: 13.5x12 inches
Strap: 31 inches long

I used the Hello Kitty fabric on the inside, too. There's no pocket (I'll make her a little zippered pencil bag) but I did add velcro closures to the front of the bag and the flap.


jill said...

Cute! Nice work.

Lauren Knight said...

So cute! I love that you made what you couldn't find! Also, such a good role model for your kids!

The Story of us said...

wish I lived closer so we could hang out and I could learn from your awesomeness.