Saturday, April 7, 2012

Egg Hunts Galore

Today we planned to go to the Smith's egg hunt and free breakfast.  We had to set an alarm to get there a little after 8, but it was worth it! The kids had a great time, brought home pounds of candy, and got to meet the Easter bunny.

Seriously. A LOT of candy. Dalton also got a coupon for a free 2L soda.

 Here's Maggie's Grumpy Easter picture from two years ago.  Remember, even this last year, she wouldn't sit on Santa's lap.

After Smith's we realized we still had time to go to the Draper egg hunt. In fact, we waited over half an hour for the egg hunt to start, and another 25 minutes in our car waiting for the traffic to be gone. And it was 33 degrees.

This was as close as the kids would get to Darth Vadar.

Waiting for the signal.

Here's the kids' haul, not counting everything we ate sitting in the car.  The Draper egg hunt had better candy (chocolate) but John pointed out that Smith's had to buy their own candy, and Draper used taxpayer dollars.

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