Friday, October 14, 2011

Trick or Lettuce!

Happy Halloween! We took the kids trick-or-treating at Daddy's work today. The kids passed our Skittles to many of John's co-workers, and received treats from many of them in return.
Maggie wore Ember's bee costume from last year. She's been talking about being a bee for nearly 12 months. The Monster Bag is also from them - it held a gift for Maggie when Dalton was born.
Dalton ended up wearing his Chinese outfit and being a Ninja. He was napping before we left. ETA: That is Kannagi he's snuggling, not one of John's co-workers.
Dalton ate a LOT of Skittles.
The kids were asked to do "tricks" several times. Maggie's was buzzing around like a bee, and Dalton's was kicking. Maggie actually spoke, though she made up a lot of silly words. Last time we went to John's work, she would only neigh.
Another mouth FULL of Skittles.
Indians don't celebrate Halloween. Plus, Halloween isn't for two weeks. So, we were going to hand out candy to a few people to give the kids, but it was completely unnecessary. The kids got quite the haul with what people had on hand at their desks. Including four boxes of fruit bars, candy bars that cost $1, Kinder Eggs, and a dirty ball.

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