Friday, December 17, 2010

Papparazzi (aka Dalton's Fan Club)

It was Family Day at John's work today, so we went in. The kids were a big hit.
And this reaction is quite typical (though no one's been so brave as to take pictures before - perhaps because these people know John. And to be fair, I was taking pictures of them).
Maggie would only speak Horse.
(I think the men are usually wearing business casual (or jeans for Friday) but it was also Cultural Day.)And this is us playing outsidein shorts and drinking smoothies in December.
It was a good day.


Chuck and Julie Browne said...

What a fun adventure for your little family. I wonder why they kids are so popular? Is it because they don't see many white children?
Also, I see you drinking Booster Juice, they have that in Canada in place of Jamba. I loved it.

Susie said...

Part of it is because they're white, part of it is because there aren't tons of kids and babies here (like Utah...) and part of it is because they are totally adorable.