Thursday, February 16, 2017

Homemade Pok-e-moji Valentines

Valentine's Day Celebrations! 

Sienna has been wanting to do a lot of "actibies" lately. This is a fox made out of heart shaped pieces.

Here's her award-winning Valentine's bag.

She went to a party with the ward play group, but I stayed home with sick Arthur. She took it upon herself to help out a little friend who was not having a good time.

Valentine's cakepop!

Maggie's Pokeball bag, and emoji Valentine's Day cards.  She drew a different emoji on each card. A lot of effort put into her homemade valentines this year!

Dalton also made a Pokeball bag and emoji valentines.  He made yellow heart-shaped valentines with heart eyes.

Valentine's Day detritus. 

And our traditional pic while getting John a sandwich from Mustard Cafe.

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