Wednesday, November 5, 2014

More Halloween Disney fun

John took Dalton and Maggie to the Halloween carnival.

We took an extra kid and met up with a friend so all the big kids got to go on rides together while we switched off babies.

Gigantic Halloween cake pop.

Mickey sat down next to us while we were eating, and their lips were covered black from the colored sugar.

He thought it was hilarious.

Pushing Buzz's buttons.

Kiss from her buddy!

Disney day with Jenn!

Matchy-matchy! We bought these shirts for Dalton's birthday.

Redwood Creek tire swings.

Dalton's first time.

Sienna sure loves the log slide.

These guys came over to see if Sienna and her baby friend would do well in the salt mines, but decided not.

Best of all, Sienna got to meet Jack. She has been obsessed with the songs from The Nightmare Before Christmas lately. She ran up and kept hugging him and he complained that she was attacking him.

Sally told Dalton he would have to take out one of his eyes and keep it in a jar so he could be Mike Wazowski.

Sienna was MUCH happier about this than she looks.

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