Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Upcycle By Hand: Pants to Pants

Dalton Boy is sorely in need of new pants. He grew out of the ones he was wearing when we came, but not into the hand me downs we brought. I took a pair of my khakis that had a rip and used them to make some pants for him. Here he is modeling them with a 9-12 month onesie. Hmm. Perhaps this is why the hand me downs don't fit.

I made a casing for 1 inch elastic only to find that I used most of it on Maggie's Halloween costume. I had to make due with 1/4", so he's got a little ruffle around the waist.

But you can't tell when he wears a t-shirt!

Cheese! Yes, I sewed these entirely by hand. Yay me.

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