Thursday, August 25, 2011

Today We're Going to GOND!

One of Maggie's wildest dreams came true yesterday. She's been counting down to a trip to Gond. Who am I to spoil the fun?
Maggie packed stuffed animals, dinosaurs and a ball for Dalton to play with.
Arriving at Gond.
John made this lovely sign for Toucan Airlines.
The "airplane" was too heavy, so the kids ended up getting individual airplane rides in my arms instead.
Gond has dinosaurs, but they went missing. So, of course, we had to go on a dinosaur hunt. Maggie repeated this activity for me throughout the day, and we found several more John had hidden each time.
Gond has a swimming pool with bubbles, balls, and "a mushroom umbrella with a bucket of water that dumps on it." I think Maggie looks a bit like Ember in this picture.
For lunch Maggie requested a Bee lunch. We opened a bag of Cheetos just for this occasion.


Rachel said...

LOOK at that grin!

Hillary said...

That is funny you think that she looked like Ember in that pic... Before I even read the caption i was thinking how her smile kind of looked like Erin!