Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Bangkok: Safari and Marine World

Safari World. (More here)
baby zebras!
Camels wandering down the road (just like in Yellowstone!)
Herd of rhinos.
We didn't get any more good pictures because of the rain and having the windows up in the carnivore section.
Feeding the giraffes! The highlight of the entire trip, for all of us.
You can feed the baby tigers, but we got there at nap time.
Two of the dozens of macaws
The River Cruise ride was pretty bad.
Orangutan boxing show. Also pretty bad.
Sea Lion show
Dalton was more interested in the Indian man next to us.
The elephants tight-rope walked (this one even turned around on the ropes and went back), painted, played games, and walked over audience volunteers.
Feeding the birds.
This was our tour guide.

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Art For Little Hands said...

What a cool place and what an adventure.