Thursday, October 21, 2010

Halloween Crafts and Homemade Decorations

We have been crafting up a Halloween storm around here, but I've been sharing all my Halloween craft ideas over at Mommysavers. Here's a round-up and links to instructions if you're interested.
Hot Glue Ghost Window Clings I love the eyebrows Maggie always draws on her happy faces.
Ghost and Pumpkin tin cans...
which held the candy corn tree Maggie and Hannah made.
Instructions for easy felt flowers...
which I used on these mini witch hats! Jill and I saw these for $12 in a shop at Gardner Village and I said "I could do that for $1". In fact, I made 6 hats (one for myself, Jill, Susan, Rachel, Tasha, and Maggie) for $1.
You could also use the felt flowers on a decorative pillow cover. Jill and I each made one using bats.
How to make a costume tail. Details on the rest of Maggie's triceratops costume, and the other ones I made here.

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Rachel said...

thank you for my witch hat! I love it!