Thursday, October 2, 2008

Candy Corn Wand

I haven't posted many crafty things lately, not because I haven't been crafty but because I have been making Secret Christmas Presents. Mostly for Rachel who is lucky enough to get Christmas in October this year. What, it's already October? I'd better get back to my sewing machine.

Here is the candy corn wand I made for Maggie's Halloween costume. This was my third attempt, the first ones were too tall and skinny. I used felt I bought to make fake food and stuffed it with scraps of felt, so it cost about 5 cents to make. The wand is a toy magic wand she got at a neighborhood block party. I just left a bit at the bottom open for turning, stuffed it and put the wand inside. Now I just have to keep her from pulling it off.


Jackie said...

VERY CUTE! What is she going to be for Halloween?

Susie said...

a candy corn princess. =)

Jennifer said...

Coming out of lurking-mode (hope you don't mind!) to say that wand is absolutely adorable! Your craftiness never fails to impress me.

Rachel's housemate Jenn.

candy said...

cute wand!