Friday, March 14, 2014

Home Preschool: St. Patrick's Day Activities

I threw together a St. Patrick's Day preschool activity with whatever I could find at Target. 

We made collage rainbows. I cut strips of paper for the kids to cut into squares and glue on. They also added some cotton ball clouds.


They made their own Rainbow Treats. I used plastic pretzel bags (from the party/wedding section). They put in gold Dove treats, rainbow Twizzlers and a few marshmallows for clouds.

They also got some gold shamrock bling.

Here are the completed collages and treat bags.

We did green pepper shamrock stamping.

I also had Dalton sort out the marshmallows from the Lucky Charms cup and count each kind.  Here's a bonus picture of him playing with glitter glue later that day. The glitter glue was worth every penny.

Here are the Home Preschool St. Patrick's Day activities I did with Maggie a couple years ago.

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