Monday, April 15, 2013

A Week in the Life

A pretty typical busy week at our house these days.  Sunday, we went swimming in between General Conference sessions.

Monday: we all were wearing blue, which means, Picture Time! 

 Gymnastics is on Mondays, too.

Dalton on the bars.

 Maggie jumping into the pit (that's her on the left)

Dalton bounding down the tumble track.

Getting ready for "Ghoul" on Tuesday. (More Daltonisms) We also had swimming lessons after school.

Eating his salad all gone at dinner.

Trip to Disneyland during school with Dalton and baby girl on Wednesday.


Walking to school on Friday.

Daddy had an at-home day on Friday because he was feeling awful. Got some baby snuggles in, though.  He also made it to the kids' other swimming lessons.

We all went to Disneyland on Saturday. Our Disney trips are winding down. This trip marked 30 days until our passes expire.

The kids' favorite: watching the treats get made at Pooh Corner.

Dalton's favorite ride: The Haunted Mansion.

Sienna was tired after a week of napping in the car.

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