Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Purple Shirt Pregnancy Remix

Take two on the shirt made out of a purple sheet from DI. For construction, I used the same tutorials as the previous shirt. I also used the same homemade pattern as before, but made alterations to the pattern I'd made to the previous shirt. And, obviously, I made it to fit the baby belly (19.5 weeks, by the way).Here is a helpful site for altering a t-shirt pattern for maternity.

Complaints: I didn't cut the back long enough, and you can see the stitches (of white thread) around the neckline. The 3/4 sleeves were a happy accident (previous shirt was long-sleeved, so I figured I'd just cut whatever and trim it when it was finished). When I tried it on before trimming, I thought it was cute! Since I didn't hem the bottom or the sleeves, I can just trim the sleeves when it gets hot.
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liz said...

Wow! Great job! You certainly don't look pregnant. =)

Thanks for stopping by my blog recently. Please come back again. =)