Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Spring Break

Day 1: Zoomars. We used a Groupon and I convinced the kids not to do pony rides and spent the money buying Moana instead.

Arthur looooved it.

Day 2: Mostly sat at home, since we had extra kids, but they managed to bury themselves in the sand at the park, and found a bunch of lost toys.

Day 3: We went to the pool, ran errands, and made friends with the garbage truck driver.

Day 4: John was home and it was supposed to be our Disneyland day, but I stayed home with two of the sick kids. Egg hunt!

Day 5: Friday was a little on the crazy side. We went to the beach with lots of friends, met Pat, Shannon, and Leah for dinner and ice cream, and then ward temple night.

Day 6: John's turn to be sick, and our turn to egg hunt. John took the other two to get donuts.

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