Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Random November

Enjoying my kid-free Tuesdays.

Wearing size 18 month pants from the car so she could play in the water while the big kids were at running club.

Free mini-golf with a friend. Worst mini-golfers ever.

Arthur really loves books.

Maggie was too sick for running club one week.

Don't step in the hot lava!

Arthur also sick.  I took him in for possible ear infections, which he didn't really have, but he had a sinus infection.  We went home and I put him straight in bed and discovered a roseola rash. 

Nice November weather.

Maggie and her friend at another friend's awesome boat party.

Sienna cried for 45 minutes after her immunizations.

This boy is so much trouble.  He climbs on all the things.

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