Monday, December 5, 2016

Disney in November

This was a month of Arthur not feeling well at Disneyland. 

I caught on video Sienna's infamous "tic tock." It's so adorable, and hilarious.  In other news, it's 90 degrees. Arthur fell asleep in the car (twice). A WWII vet said Arthur was the cutest thing he'd ever seen, and that he could take his place next time. The entire park is sold out of Mickey ice cream bars. Sienna dropped Arthur's hat and we had to walk 15 minutes back to get it.  Actually found it, which makes one hat found out of three lost.  The idea was to avoid whining kids.  Mildly successful.

Arthur is on his second illness in a row and having a rough time.  But he was my least whiny of the four at Disneyland today.  He loves it all.  Being out and about, making friends, visiting with characters, riding in te stroller, being carried by mom, going on rides, listening to music and entertainment.  It's his happy place.

We discovered World of Color was at 8:15 on weeknights (9:45 on the weekends) so we made a late night of it.

First time riding Screamin' at night, for the kids.

John came with us for a few hours, while we met up with a friend and her two little ones.

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