Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Hero Camp 2015

Maggie and Dalton had another great year at Hero Camp.  This year's theme was Boot Camp. I got to go with Dalton's group on Monday.

Then my day was Wednesday. I helped make the hats and goggles for props for the group photo.

This is the cute paper hat I got to wear as part of my flight school instructor uniform.

Got these pictures from a friend who went with Dalton's group on Thursday.

These are some of the pictures from their books.

The activity on my day was a velcro wall, and they took the individual pictures of the kids stuck up on the wall!

Here are the kids doing their group songs at the performance. 
Dalton's group did I'm in the Lords Army, Yes Sir!

Maggie's is I'm a Soldier in the Army of the Lord

After the performance on Friday there was a party at the park. We stayed until the end and the kids had loooots of snow cones.

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