Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Disney World Friends

One of the main goals at WDW was to do stuff we couldn't do at Disneyland. And some of that was fun characters.

I was hoping this was the talking Mickey, but no such luck. 

We were the first people in line, and he wanted to take Maggie out on the town.

Peasant Belle in France in Epcot.

Sienna was very impressed with Marie's bow.

Supposedly, this is the only place in any park where Mickey and Minnie appear together. Animal Kingdom.

We were first in line, and Sienna wanted "More Minnie!" so we got back in line and saw them twice.

Naptime.  It was pretty hot and miserable. She fell asleep on me during the bus ride and slept for an hour.

Belle's Enchanted Storytime. We also saw the Beauty and the Beast musical and Sienna was sooo happy.

Stitch in Tomorrowland.

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