Friday, May 16, 2014

Home Preschool: Letter W is for Water and Watermelon

First off, here is a letter T tree and tulip craft from a few weeks ago.

Today we did W is for Watermelon and Water.

The kids painted on the sidewalk with water for 45 minutes. Brilliant. And free.

I gave them rectangles of red and green and they cut out watermelon shapes and glued them together. Then I punched holes and gave them a piece of black yarn to make seeds. This is an activity I did with Maggie's Letter W home preschool back in India. I should have looked at that post because I couldn't figure out how I got holes in the middle of the watermelon. Also, other good W ideas. Oh well.

And then we had real watermelon slices!

I sure love all these sweet kids.

We also had vanilla Wafers with our snack.

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