Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Sienna at 10 Months

Just a little about Sienna at 10 months.

She really likes peaches. Sometimes she even wears them.

Which requires a bath. Which she climbed out of. Ignore the snot/drool.

Then she crawled over and did this. She is a struggle to get dressed.

And later she fell asleep like this. Snug. These pictures are all from my birthday.

I think she's teething. She's been screaming for the past.... three weeks.

Exploring her newest treasure box.

She really likes to chew on this blanket when she is falling asleep. Or anytime really, but I keep the blanket in her crib.

When I was changing her sheets, I left it on the floor and she came hurrying in and buried her face in it. This blanket was made by Erin's mom, Lynn.  She has another made by my aunt Sharon that she also loves. She just likes to chew on crochet.


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