Saturday, September 7, 2013

August Fun

Lots of fun stuff this month! It is summer, after all.
At the indoor trampoline place.

Dalton made friends with some random 12 year old girls.

Legoland - water rides and water park.

Gymnastics Camp. Dalton's was Teddy Bear Picnic themed and he got to bring a different stuffed friend every day.

Dalton took this picture of me in my new skirt. This was at the park after Maggie's sports class

Having "lunch" at a shop that only sells french fries.

Piglet Animation class at The Disney Store.

Far better than last year's Mickey Mouse drawings.

Beach with friends.

Princess Adrienne and her royal throne.

Talking to Grandma in the toy section at Kohl's while Sienna had some milk.

Chatting with Auntie Reechel.

A good night snuggle.

Sunday afternoon.

Pump it Up with friends.

Thrift store finds.


Maggie thinks she is getting too big for the grocery store cart (we don't usually go to a store that has one, so it's been a while. Her knees were pretty cramped. But, oh, what cute kids.

More Legoland.

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