Friday, February 10, 2012

Valentine's Day Kids' Crafts

In addition to the heart garland I made, we've done a few Valentine's kids crafts.  If you're looking for more kids' craft ideas for Valentine's Day, be sure to check out all the ones we did last year! You can see all the Valentine Crafts under "Homemade Valentine's Day."

Glitter Playdough

Mini Heart Pizzas

I folded some paper and drew half-hearts and let Maggie cut them out. She's a pro with scissors now.  Then I wrote "I love" and let her write different things she loves with pink marker.  We stuck them on her bedroom door to decorate.

Heart Bag Toppers for Maggie's Heart-a-Saurus Valentines.  She wrote all the names on them herself. (I'm having trouble with Blogger rotating (or unrotating) my photos.  I turned off auto-rotate on my camera and now Blogger is rotating a picture that was taken horizontally! I give up.)

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