Tuesday, February 28, 2012


We got this book (Thump, Quack, Moo) from the library today, but hadn't read it yet.  She was flipping through it in the other room and excitedly brought it in to show me: "Mom, look what's in this book!  A duck Buddha!"  I'm not sure whether to be proud of her or dismayed at myself!

Now, this is a game I can get along with - Library!  She lays out books on Dalton's bed and we "buy" one and read it.  Today she even held storytime for Dalton and I.  She read two books to us and did an "activity".

When I asked Maggie what her stuffed animals were doing she answered, "They're playing 'North Pole."  Pulling Santa's sleigh, of course.

Maggie (and Dalton) went on a field trip to the grocery store!

A "pirate pizza".

A gift! Doesn't she look so sweet offering it to me? (and every other adult who's been in our house this week.)  It's a banana peel.


There are lots of playtime pictures on my camera, including with these John took of his Lego creations.

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