Wednesday, November 3, 2010

ABC Preschool Letters E-I

Here are more of the ABC preschool activities we've done so far.
Letter E is for Elephant and Easter Egg. We colored on hard-boiled eggs with crayon, then peeled and ate them. I also gathered a bunch of objects and had them try to guess if it started with E or not.
I made an Elephant and an Easter Egg.
Maggie did a mommy and a baby elephant.
For Letter G we did Green is for Go. We read Go, Dog, Go!, made stoplights by gluing circles on the G and g...
And played Red Light, Green Light.
Letter F is for Fingers! We did some finger plays and finger stamping, including flowers and fish.
Letter H is for Halloween
and Haunted House!
Letter I is for Ice Cream (and igloo, iguana and island). We made homemade ice cream in a bag.
and made I-ce cream scoop cones that are supposed to look like a little i.

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