Monday, August 24, 2009

Car Seat Canopy

Our Winter-in-Utah baby needs a few things that our Spring-in-SoCal baby did not. A car seat for example. (Maggie's hand-me-down has long since seen it's way to the dump) And a car seat cover. I was going to buy a carseat bunting, but I was inspired by John's cousin-in-law, Hillary, and instructed by this tutorial in making one instead.

I made a few changes so it fit our carseat the way I liked. I made straps out of 14"x2.5" strips of the lining fabric and sewed them 11.5" in from the sides, instead of 10".
The fabric on both sides is flannel, so it can be used as a blanket as well. I tried out one of the decorative stitches on my sewing machine and did a scallop border around the edge.
Hmm. Maybe I should have mentioned that the fabric she was picking out was for baby...

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Hillary and Cameron said...

Pretty cute! Let me tell you those car seat covers really come in handy in the winter time when it's snowy, rainy, or cold and windy!