Thursday, July 23, 2009

30 Weeks

I'm 30 weeks along on Saturday. Today I tried on just about every clean shirt I had, but they were all too hot or too short. Even though I am doing laundry more (I only bought so many pairs of training pants) I don't have enough summery maternity clothes. So I went to Jo-Ann and spent $3 on some fabric and made a new shirt. I think I got the pattern down this time around, including short sleeves. It fits really well and is long enough - the problem the last maternity shirt I made had. Previous shirts.
This picture was taken exactly three months before Maggie was born, at about 29 weeks since she was so late. Yes, December, no coat. The good old days.


Kristin said...

You just picked up some fabric and made a shirt?! I am always amazed at how talented and crafty you are. By the way, you look great at 30 weeks :)

Jackie said...

You look fantastic!