Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Tea for Three

When it's just the three of us, I like to let Sienna pick what we do at Disneyland. Because my favorite thing about Disneyland is watching my kids have fun.  She loves to run around Toontown, and asked to have her picture taken with the Goofy Scarecrow today.

We also waited half an hour for Storybook Land because she's been asking to go on that for a while. Arthur fell asleep after we got in line and slept for nearly two hours.  Through line and boat and walk and bus and car, and then we sat in the garage for 45 minutes until he woke up.  He's on his fourth illness in a row and they have taken their toll.

Other rides we did were tea cups, and horse drawn trolley down main street.  Sienna's choice, but we all love that ride! Arthur was pointing excitedly to the horse the whole time.

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