Monday, August 24, 2015

Utah: Lagoon with Tyler

John planned a super fun end of summer trip to Utah. We made plans and did stuff instead of waiting for things to happen.  And, he sent out an email to all the family, so we had various people join us for various events. 
The first day we went to Lagoon with our nephew Tyler. It definitely surpassed our expectations.  John and the kids did all the scary stuff and Sienna and I relaxed.

John conquered his fear of open ferris wheels.

Wicked was Dalton's first upside-down roller coaster. He loved it.

Cannibal looked terrifying, but is now Maggie's favorite (Dalton was too short).

We waited an extra turn for the carousel so Sienna could have a zebra.  You're only two once.

Baby boats. Dalton was too tall, but kindly took his sister on the ride.

I liked the dragon a lot. Craziest ride I could go on.

We met up with Jill and Laura for a haunted house ride.

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