Saturday, February 9, 2013

Maggie's Angry Birds Drawings

Since playing Angry Birds is the kids' favorite activity, drawing Angry Birds, and playing live action Angry Birds (jumping off the stairs) come next.  This first picture is one of the first ones Maggie drew, back in November, I think.

This one is intense. My favorite part (because everyone has to have a top 3 favorite parts of her drawings) is the single mustachioed pig in the boat at the bottom right.

The Angry Birds in their nest.

Star Wars Angry Birds

Rio Angry Birds

And some bonus drawings.  After reading Where The Wild Things Are one night, Maggie set up her room just like in the book.  She used her blue blanket for water, cut out some leaves and threaded them on a piece of green yarn, and tied up her "guys" like he ties up his teddy.  And then she drew about it the next day.

LAZY Maggie went from drawing circles to doing sad little dots.

We snapped this picture to send to Daddy after she brought this journal home from school.  
"I love my dad because he is a good Ipad plae and fun. I love my mom to."

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jill said...

Those are way cute.