Saturday, July 7, 2012

Disneyland This Week

We don't take very many pictures at Disneyland anymore, which means I'm posting pretty much every single one I took. This is from two trips this week, one of which Alligator attended with us.

Gigantic whole-body Fruit Ninja (Innovations)

Pirate's Lair

Innovations has two Honda CR-Vs you can just sit in. Dalton climbed in and made us all buckle up.

I don't like taking pictures of the kids with characters because they don't enjoy the moment, just turn around and say cheese. But we didn't want to miss this rare opportunity to see Rabbit!

Rabbit was a little afraid of alligator at first.

My 2 whale watchers. They always get this spot, because they know they can just climb up there, and they do so before the other kids figure it out.

Racing rubber ducks at the Redwood Creek Trail.

This Wild Animal needs a haircut.

Dalton is tall enough to ride "Bumpy Tars."  When the kids watch A Bug's Life, Dalton yells "Bumpy Tars!" the entire time Tuck and Roll are on the screen.

Some 3D silly faces.

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