Saturday, September 4, 2010


Yes, I am finally getting around to posting the rest of our trip pictures! Not organized other than being mostly in the order taken.
I love this picture - he's starting to fight back.
Meeting the princesses.
SO excited to meet Mickey Mouse (this is in his dressing room waiting our turn).
Man, my kids are cute!
She wanted to pose with Mater rather than Lightning.
This is the hat Maggie wanted to buy - just about the ugliest one!
Dalton loved the Ferris wheel.
Dalton wasn't too pleased with the characters starting here.
One of my favorite pictures from the trip.
We all love Dumbo!
Pretty girls.
Poor Mickey!
Best buds.Where's Maggie?
"They made this cage after we got here."
Swinging gondola on the Ferris Wheel.
So happy to go on Dumbo again!
Action figures - collect them all!
Snuggled in his sling. Poor little sick boy took lots of naps this way.
Driving 'em buggie.

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jill said...

jealous of this, looks like you had fun!